Rubber Adhesive Products

Conveyor Products Pty Ltd imports and distributes an extensive range of German manufactured Rubber Adhesive Products for conveyor belt cold splicing or sheet rubber lining applications. We have exclusive arrangements with manufactures like NILOS GmbH & Co, Rema Tip Top Industrial and Contitech Continental

1 Kg SC2000 Cement & 40 Gr UT-R20 Hardener

SC2000 Cement MSDS

40 Gr UT-R20 Hardener MSDS

0.7 Kg TL-T60 Cement & 35 Gr Hardener

TL-T60 Cement MSDS

35 Gr Hardener MSDS

1 L NILOS SH Metal Primer


0.7 Kg SC4000 Cement & 30 Gr ER-42 Hardener

SC4000 Cement MSDS

30 Gr ER-42 Hardener MSDS

0.7 Kg TL-PVC Cement & 35 Gr Hardener

0.7 Kg TL-PVC Cement MSDS

35 Gr Hardener MSDS

0.8 Kg BFA Cement & 40 Gr RE Hardener

0.8 Kg BFA Cement MSDS

40 Gr RE Hardener MSDS

4 L CHEMLOK 205 Metal Primer


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